Oh what a brash confusing world
I live in, full of strife !
Is there no road to joy and peace ?
No better way of life ?

I asked a parrot of repute
How I could easement find.
Polly unhesitant replied :
“Be mindful. And be kind.”

But surely there is something more,
Some secret I must know ?
The terseness of the parrot made me
Want to consult the crow.

O shimmering mysterious bird
Won’t you reveal to me
The knowledge I need to be saved ?
“Well, try the Trinity :

There’s God the Father, God the Son,
And God the Holy Ghost.”
Ah so. There’s three Gods. “No No No :
There is one God at most !”

Please run that by me once again.
I’ll strive to listen well.
“You better had, or else, my lad,
You’ll die and burn in Hell.”

You mean if I don’t understand
What you’ve just said to me,
My fate is sealed, I can’t be healed,
And Hell’s my destiny ?

“Exactly, son. Now you’ve begun
To get the point. And soon
You’ll be one of the Lord’s Elect
And not one more buffoon.”

Crow, you’re the subtlest of the flock.
What need have I of parrots ?
You discipline your followers
With whips. Poll just has carrots.

I’ll march off to your martial drum
And gaily leave behind
Old Polly’s childish platitudes :
“Be mindful. And be kind.”


RF Ilson

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