Deep Six – Wasteland of The Apocalypse – So Hit It!


Thanks for gobble gobble bang bang on Kimmies titties

and the peachy cunt cream

that froths  up the ‘news’ stream

Thanks for the white hooded power of the KKK

and their torch lit stars and stripes parade


Thanks for the  Muslim bumper stickers

which say ‘Go Home’,

Death by lethal injection –

Disney blow jobs in the parking lot

And pawn shop- pay day loans


Thanks for legalizing reefer

Little kids still having seizures,

Cos they can’t get no cheeba

As the men in suits don’t believe us  

And thanks for the  malls of insanity,

your revolving doors of profanity  

For invading over fifty countries

To spread that thing they call ‘democracy,’


Thanks for Vietnam war vets,

And Standing Rock protests

For racial profiling,

And bastard Pinochet –

The  systemic murder of young black men

And the cock shot horror of Timothy McVeigh


Thanks for near asphyxia by plastic bag

From the Chicago Police

And sodomy with a plunger

by the NYC PD

How many lives does it cost

Just to breathe?


Thanks for setting the price

And the banana , the hot fudge and the nuts

Thanks for the triple A rating and

And stealing grandma’s house


Thanks for genetically modified crops

And Taylor Swift’s A list celeb girl squad

For plastic perfection

and widowed botox


Thanks for Miracle whip

And lab tested turkey

Toxic sweet diabetes

Death dealin’ bitchin’

And birthing  a ‘nigger bashing ,’ ‘Jew baiting,’

‘Muslim hating,’ society


Thanks for crowning Amazon King

And kneeling at the alter of e bay

For drive thru cocaine

And that ‘machete jungle,’ called LA


Thanks for day time soap operas

And the naked voyeurism of reality tv

For making every nobody famous

When they defecate and sleep


Thanks for those Washington bombs

And the sacrifice of the young

For  lip smackin’ onion Funyons

And radioactive lungs


Thanks for food stamps trailer homes

Rat meat and killer drones

Thanks for three strikes

And Gitmo,

Trump  power and

The Cosby show


Thanks for human bondage,

And camions of dead refugees

For presidential weapons of mass destruction

And pulling the plug on humanity


Thanks for making us all ‘Winston Smith,’

And for unleashing a sick green syphilis on

‘The Great American Dream,’ a never never land

A fabled stinking tale of Hollywood make believe.


Saira Viola
Montage: Claire Palmer

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2 Responses to Deep Six – Wasteland of The Apocalypse – So Hit It!

    1. Brutal and on the mark. The American Dream lives, just for others at our expense.

      We are the Dead.

      Comment by Dave Allen on 1 December, 2016 at 7:59 am
    2. Wow! Wake up world this is fucking excellent. Poetry that breathes! Thanks IT

      Comment by Harry R on 1 December, 2016 at 10:24 am

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