It’s been 15 days since I came

To the land of Aborigines, at the end of the world,

but I still haven’t seen any Aborigine

At souvenir shops smiling Chinese women are selling

Aboriginal items, bracelets, colourful bowls and

embroidered purses, some dead plants and kangaroo landscapes

Saying that right that item which caught

My eye, right that one, is a true Aboriginal symbol

Leave me alone, woman, my head is full of symbolism

But I’m not telling her that

Instead, I’m asking her: “Where are the Aborigines?”

They aren’t here, they’re up in the mountains,” says the shop assistant

So I went up to the mountains, the blue mountains

And I saw snow on mimosas and magnolia trees

Looking like a veil, and confused fern

And wild cockatoo birds

Waddling on one leg like comedians

And a tiny tea house at the edge of the road

Serving English tea

Fuck, I don’t want tea, where are the Aborigines?

They aren’t here. They’re in the desert,” said the foresters

So I went to the desert

With my eyes covered with a piece of bed sheet, other parts

I might need

When I told my mother where I was

She thought I was joking

“You’re not right in your head,” she told me, and I

confirmed, but nothing could be done now

I’m lighting a cigarette in despair, the sun is scorching

Like Your Word god forbid

I’m looking at the cracked earth Aborigines

Made love with, because earth is god,

I’m watching and I’m not looking for anything anymore





Naida Mujkic
Claire Palmer



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