the little old lady,
all alone in a pew,
not what she seems,
has the look of a lamb,
being prepared for slaughter,
in truth,
a lion,
regal and royal,
strongest creature of the sad little pride.



immigrant children,
still in cages,
but let’s circle back,
words meaningless.
a continuous flow of shit,
rivers and rivers of shit,
Presidents change,
but nothing else does,
bend over one more time,
it will be gentler than in the past,
so let’s circle back,
immigrant children,
still in cages,
people unemployed,
and hungry,
in sprite of vaccines,
spread throughout the land,
but let’s circle back,
none of this, is our fault,
we are competent,
and prepared,
just ask our press secretary,
the redhead,
she is the one,
who loves to circle back.



Douglas Polk

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