1st Century Roman Wine Bar/ 1st Century Roman Hair Salon



Which would you prefer?
Years one to four are good
The rest undrinkable   –
Surely you don’t want it neat?
A little water you will find
Leaves a green-gold band around the rim
That is fermented honey   –
Now add a pinch of sage
This sacred herb will circulate
Good Health to every member

I see you wear a ‘synthesis’   –
All the rage in Athens   –
No doubt you’ll feel at home
When singers clowns and New Age poets
Serve their entertainment with your meal




‘The Roman Male’ observes
‘Clipped beards are most acceptable this season   –
But these should not exceed one inch per hair
The short hairstyle accordingly
Combed forward with a fringe
Might risk appearing simian
If not hot-waxed and curled
Though carefully avoiding suggestion of effeminacy’

The Roman| Gentleman’ records
‘Beards once granted degrees of liberality
Have strayed into a dis-array
Two inches now suggest
Effeminacy by seeming to avoid it

In accordance with Austerity we now might recommend
The stubble beard with military crew-cut
Clipped to a graded fade


Bernard Saint
Illustration: Claire Palmer




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