If vanishing 
into thin air 
a possibility, 
would the sky 
my substance; 
and nimbus 
engulf my soul 
and Siberian birds 
take me home, 
setting sail 
on wayward winds
to unknown heavens? 

Would you notice 
I am gone 
and smile back 
at me, 
when I twinkle 
at you 
in star-studded nights 
and make a wish 
upon me 
to see me 
one last time?

An escape
into nothingness.





Dr. Priya Dolma Tamang.
Illustration Nick Victor



Dr. Priya Dolma Tamang is a medical graduate from the north-east Indian state of Sikkim. With her tribal Nepali roots and deeply seated Buddhist beliefs, culture and mindfulness have both been active themes in her writing. 


Her poetry has found home in international journals and magazines, like Urban Magazine (June and September 2019 issues), ReadMoreCoHeadline Poetry, with work forthcoming in Tales of Reverie by Paragon Press and Just Milieu Art Zine


Her debut book, Ivory Gleam, was published by Leadstart Publishers, Mumbai, in 2018.


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