Fare Ye Well Ye Free Press of Englande








Under the Catholic Church, in order to get to God, one has to go through a priest. In publishing in order to get to one’s readers one has to go through a publisher. Catholicism was threatened by Gnosticism in the Middle Ages and sought actively to destroy it. In the modern age we have the Internet: a Gnostic tool if ever there was one. The modern persecution is to found in publishers busy pursuing a policy of Political Correctness as regards everything they see as enlightening. Thus they are responsible for the state of truth denial that now exists. All of this in the misguided hope that they, along with politicians, can enforce tolerance – but enforced tolerance is intolerance. And the denial of the truth for the sake of a ‘level playing field’ is a recipe for anarchy: for inevitably some sections of society – the majority (who have had their concerns suppressed in order to defend the minority – whose concerns have a tendency to be minor and based upon conspiratorial theories that reflect their intrinsic defensiveness.) are on the edge of not enforced toleration, but enforced change. It is called revolution.

We live in dangerous times.

David Elkington



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