Drawing by Iris Freie



(fortuna favet fatuis)

Sloow Tapes
Poetry Broadside #3


“It is essential here and now, to reconstruct
the original Androgyne about which
the myths tell us, and it is most desirable that
this androgyn will be reborn in us.”
( A.Breton)


Be prepared, benevolent Fools.
The signs have been read,
the creative evolution of the present age
is clear:
Harmony between feminine and masculine
creates a power supreme in everybody.
So within – so with-out.

Don’t follow leaders,
don’t lead followers.
Join those who love you
the way you want to be loved.
Every being in Nature wants to flower,
every man and woman could be a star.

Honor and love the feminine,
so she may trust you and show herself.
Woman will retrieve her ancient powers.
Man’s faith in her will support her
to the highest peaks of wisdom
and the deepest sources of love.
In return she will initiate him
into the Eternal Feminine.

We begin this quest
as male and female,
two half-beings.
We emerge androgynous:
left and right in balance,
two complete beings:
Emancipated Woman
Ewomancipated Man.
This is called Crown of Creation.

Love is free
and so are we
from here to eternity.


Hans Plomp

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