being free is only a partial state of being

freedom is only the beginning

all creative action forms out of some kind of freedom

nothing bearable happens without some kind of freedom

after we get it theres beautiful work to do

nobody ever all free yet
i contest the suicide theory

all we want now is freedom

paradise one is the man woman freedom bird

paradise one walks freely

paradise two feels free
paradise two is free to worry about about things

to be free is to be free of hunger
to be free is to be free of privilege and the will of law
the external law of the state for instance

paradise three worries about things we cant worry about yet

paradise now is how to get there

paradise four is how to be and how not to be

there is only partial being with and without freedom

in paradise you are free
paradise is not everything

then comes paradise five and then six and then maybe paradise sixty

it is because we know these things that we revolutionists
   hear the name of realists




Julian Beck


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