Children of the crippled  sun

Fuck capitalism !

Fuck it until it bleeds and dies

Down here in the gutter baby

We’re suckin’  on pus -filled  oranges

to survive  


The  slaves the  cunts and the

street sleeping angels

are coming for YOU

Stop killing the earth

and feeding us

fungal truths


Fuck unicorn star bucks

Why have you mortgaged the trees ?

Spread an  ocean of apple maggots

And embalmed  us in slit- throat



Fuck the crusty old smell

of sober -suited dicks

gnawing on the heads of  virgins

Fuck a one state solution

Crowned with a gigantic red grin


Fuck your Xclusive white utopia

and  smashed

avocadoes on rye  

Fuck the purple clot of

Sobbing  gasolined  skies


Fuck the  plague of  credit checks

and welfare  red tape

Fuck compounded interest

And the curtained sick  

of suicide debt


Fuck the missionary mouths

of institutionalised toilet kings 

I Listen to  Cadillac  dreams  that

Fly on borrowed  wings


Fuck the great tomorrow

And her peeling carbonic skin

Fuck being arrested for

Blackjacking the war machine 


Fuck the blood of time

Squeezing the marrow

of a fresh  new day

Fuck the whore scented weeds

Flowering   greed at our feet  


We jitterbug on crooked toes  towards

That  golden ship of light

Climbing over rotting  corpses

and that  steel tipped sword  of lies


Our  blood  soaked mouths 

Swimming with

a symphony of kisses

And the dead

screams of 

punk rock







Saira Viola
artwork by eNdO




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