Health Warning

Health warning

Illustration: Elena Caldera


Saturation Coverage
Of the US Election
Can cause brain damage.

For nine months
US Supremacism
Indulges itself

In an election
For the US President.
Somehow or other

This always involves
The US electorate
Watching candidates

Spending billions
On trying to persuade it
To elect murderers.

Only the religious slaves
Of a militarized state
Will be elected.

No applications
From pacifists or humanists
Will be entertained.

Four million homeless
Have no representative.
It’s mass murderers

Who are elected
To rule the richest country
In the entire world.

Support for this farce
Comes from people believing
That America

Sets an example
To the world’s democracies
And should therefore have

Mass media coverage
Non-stop, twenty-four seven.
It’s relentless.

Male or female; black or white
It will be a mass murderer
Who is elected.

The moral high ground
Is laid claim to by the world’s policeman
As the mass-murdering begins.

In the US election,
A corporate dictatorship promotes
Its Presidential toy

And the President’s wealth
Is increased by his term of office –
Otherwise, no change.

No one has vision.
It being beyond their Presidential imaginings
To think of a world beyond war.


Heathcote Williams




By Heathcote Williams

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