Hermetically Sealed

(i.m. Robert Chapman)


Even the sky
                             engraves her tears

salves old wounds
                             proves our
                                                baptismal upgrade

                                      your ultimate bedding:

Come all ye young men
                                                & lay me down

in Carrickfergus or Long Sutton?

Not quite as Van sang
                             in his or your
                                                Celtic New Year

Now as an enigma
                                      hermetically sealed

you out-Houdini Houdini
                             as invisible icon-maker

A mystery manchild
                             & self-ordained hermit

composing your clefs
                                                in the silence

as a clandestine

With the cunning
                                      of Elven craftsmen

you glyph-incise
                                                indelible runes

on your embossed grails
                                                your carved chessmen

                             it recalls your stylus

as it sharpened
                                      into intenser flame

And the teary welkin
                                                engraves her passion

your omega-cum-alpha

filling up with

& your cup brimmeth over . . .

                                      but you’re well gone           






Mark Wilson
painting by Samuel Palmer:

Mark Wilson has published four poetry collections: Quartet For the End of Time (Editions du Zaporogue, 2011), Passio (Editions du Zaporogue, 2013), The Angel of History (Leaky Boot Press, 2013) and Illuminations (Leaky Boot Press, 2016). He is the author of a verse-drama, One Eucalyptus Seed, about the arrest and incarceration of Ezra Pound after World War Two, as well as a tragi-comedy, Arden. His poems and articles have appeared in: The Black Herald, The Shop, 3:AM Magazine, International Times, The Fiend, Epignosis Quarterly, Dodging the Rain, The Ekphrastic Review, Rasputin and Le Zaporogue.

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