His Second Childhood



















The Old Lord has entered
His second childhood
Like a new-born babe
(Or at least a lucky one)
He has around-the-clock care
His every helpless need
Tended to with angelic heed
There is says the CPS
Sufficient evidence
That the old bastard
Entered the first childhoods
Of a terribly tended string
Of defenceless care home urchins
Buggering four at least
And forcing God knows what
On God knows how many more
Over thirty years of enabled gore
He won’t face trial
Despite sufficient evidence
For his inhuman abuse
Of our innocent kids
Because experts insist
He is too demented
Too like a vulnerable child
For ‘public interest’
To be justified…
His family say
‘He is entirely innocent
Of any wrongdoing’
The police say it’s ‘wrong’
He is off the hook a fourth time
The DPS says it’s a matter
Of ‘deep regret’
No charges were ever brought
His ‘alleged’ victims
Furious and insulted
He may never be caught…
You wonder what goes on
In the demented mind
Of an Old Lord who has entered
His second childhood
Of what goes on
In the murky Establishment
He has, dribbling, left behind…


Roddy McDevitt
Pic: Claire Palmer



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