IT 50th Re-Launch Party

it coverCover pic: Jimmy Cauty

Thanks to all who came along to the Mayday Rooms in Fleet Street, London
for the launch of  the new printed edition of International Times.
An heroic moment in the magazine’s 50 year history and the beginning of a new era.

Editor: Heathcote Ruthven

A limited number of copies can be bought from designer Darren Cullen’s online store here:

IT2 (1)

website design: Dan Parmenter


Photos from the IT launch – 16th January 2016
Mayday Rooms, Fleet Street, London




2 b





4 (2)





it collage (1)


IT1 (1)

Collages: Elena Caldera

Photos by: Max Reeves, Claire Lewis and Charlie Gilmour




heth 4

heth 1

heth 2

heth 3

Photos by Frances Butt


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4 Responses to IT 50th Re-Launch Party

    1. Good snaps Frances!

      Comment by Roddy on 5 February, 2016 at 9:47 am
    2. Hi – and how fantastic that IT had a party! That was a bloody quick 50 years ………… I sold IT sometimes in London, sometimes Wiltshire in the early 70s, with my boyfriend Steve Winning. He did some cartoon illustrations for a Windsor Festival edition. We popped in and out of the IT offices in Notting Hill, like probably every head in the universe.

      is it possible to subscribe for print editions?

      For the crowdfunder for Hoppy, did you maybe consider approaching Lord Bath, or whatever he’s called now? He was helpful back in the 70s… Good luckk with everything and thanks xxxx

      Comment by Noelle Greenaway on 24 February, 2016 at 11:08 pm
    3. Hi – are you the Noelle I knew at WHS 1966 to 1971? We squatted in flats in Osborne Road. Last saw you at a Free festival 1971 or 1972. Would like to be in touch with you.

      Comment by Chris Treaders on 1 November, 2016 at 8:53 pm
    4. Thank you for the pictures and info,where and when I may be able to buy IT.
      Am lucky to still be here and am looking forward to an IT future

      Comment by john Morris on 27 March, 2016 at 6:10 pm

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