Journeys from the heart of the street writer – part three

After ‘H’ I went into a serious depression living at my mother’s but… we were only split up for about a month and I got the chance to have a rebound with a chick who used to be in my class in primary school and we had a ‘wee’ love in high school as well.

This chick ‘E’ was fucking drunk as fuck at our local club in our hometown and when she was getting a taxi back to hers and was saying goodbye to me while the taxi started moving she grabbed me and pulled me in and I thought ‘fuck it.’

‘E’ was a bit of an enigma and we went to a wedding together later on that year and we fucked each other again.

Later on she would tell my sister to tell me she was sorry for fucking me about.

There was another chick I would date later on that year: ‘S’

I was in a bar one night with my mates and ‘E’ and ‘S’ were in the same bar as us and I was kinda seeing them both at the same time and I was hoping I wouldn’t get caught out as I moved backwards and forwards smiling, kissing and drinking ha ha…

In that same bar a few months before I was standing outside with ‘H’ and she would tell me: ‘I will always love you Paul, forever!’

That same night she would be in my mother’s home watching a film with me and her friend that was dating my friend and I sat on the kitchen counter making coffee after coffee hoping she would come out and kiss me and change her mind – it never happened!

Now, we move onto how I met the next love of my young man life called: ‘N’ – and that was a complicated start as well ha ha…

Now, when I first met ‘S’ in a local bar after her getting my mum and sister to take a photo of her while I was lying in the house watching TV and send it to me.

Of course she was cute and I had to meet her.

(Sometimes I never even had to leave the house and I would get a girl ha ha)…

While I was in the bar out in the smoke room with ‘S’ – she brought some of her friends and ‘N’ was one of them and she would say something that night that I would pursue later on when ‘S’ was out of the way.

Now, ‘S’ was out of the way and living in London working as a nanny and it was December and I rang my sister while she was at her Christmas work-do to see how she was getting on and… fortunately for me ‘N’ was there with her and we talked properly for the first time since I had that brief encounter with her meeting ‘S’…

I told my sister after talking to ‘N’ to ask her if she was seeing anyone…

She told my sister: No, why?

My sister told her: because my brother likes you!

Supposedly she smiled and I asked for her number…

My sister text her number through and ‘N’ said: he can text me first so I know he is serious!

I smiled, hung up the phone and text her straight away and smiled!

We text back and forth into the wee hours of the night and she asked if it was okay to come to mines and of course I agreed!

Now, it was another beautiful snowy winter and she asked me to bring her a jacket and meet her in the street that was out the back of mines.

I grabbed one of my fluffy hoodies and met her getting out of her friends car and I wrapped her up while her shoes dug into the thick snow.

(It must have been super cold for her in her opened stilettoes)…

I got her into the heat and asked her if she wanted a cuppa and she just smiled!

As we sat talking she asked me: why are you interested in me and not ‘S?’

I said: when I was meeting her and you came out and I was saying I wasn’t that good looking, you turned around and looked at me and said ‘you are really beautiful’ and when you said that, I wanted you straight away and not ‘S’…

Now, ‘N’ and ‘S’ were best friends, but at that point they weren’t speaking and funny enough: ‘N’ actually kissed my old flatmate one night, so we kinda had something in common ha ha…

She rang a taxi and when it arrived – I walked her out under that winter moon – opened the door for her and said softly: would you like a kiss?

She didn’t say a word… just smiled (bigger than a Cheshire cat though) and I kissed her lightly and she left to go home and we both knew this was magnificent!!!!


(Micro story)



He was a critically acclaimed writer. He was making a film. They were shooting a scene in a local bar in his town. The film was about the fear of violence. He stepped back, turned his head and saw her looking on. He waved her in. After the shoot they went for a walk with his motherless dog. They sat at a bench. She asked him “did you fall out of love with me coming to the end?” – Yes he replied! “Can we start over?” – They rang their current commitments and walked away smiling that would last for a lifetime.



Ass sex with grace


To be good in a relationship you need these

Be love and make love with high quality

Like her first experience of cumming from your tongue

Be comical and supportive

Like putting the dog out in the kitchen

When hers has just passed on

I remember her telling me

After she finished college that day

That she farted and followed through that morning

Basically she shit on our sofa

I laughed like a dying comedian

And I still wanted to make love to her

Even in the ass with grace





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