Lament / Seaweed Soup / What Fred Said



It has come to this –
The world is forsaken
for want of a kiss.

For want of love
murder is rife –
We have slit the naked
Throat of life.



In the cathedral of life

My walking is my only prayer.
So I made my way to your home
In a glowing mood of expectation.
Thus it was that again
I gazed upon your form & face
& that your smile obliterated time & space,
While my sublime contemplation
of your breathing, existing self
Gave flight to earthbound thought.
The seaweed soup was steaming,
Briney broth brimming with butterbeans,
& as I left, the constellations gleamed
& the moon, ah yes! the moon,
With delicate illumination
Saw me safely home.



Fred said:
“I will turn the glorified garden shed
into a temple 
of transcendental homeliness
by keeping it simple.
Of fruit and flower’
Will tend to the weeds of wilderness,
& I will minister to bird and bee,
Milk honey from the hives,
Ensure that Mother Nature thrives
In vine & grass & all that’s green,
Pay homage to what survives
The depredations of human & machine.
Long live
The Alternative
That’s what Fred said.




Charles Graham



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