Late Night Escapade

It’s night!
It’s 12 o’clock!
A stagnant city life-
Sleeping their last sleep.
A full moon-
Spreading horror!
I feel you in my head.

Bright are the stars,
And my scars-
Leaving the past behind.
A loud cry-
Accompanying me.
A frightening shadow!
And I feel you in my bed.

Empty paths!
Late night dogs!
A very few thoughts coming in mind.
Pair of eyes-
In their dreams,
Pair of hearts,
That never lied.

Love is love;
No matter how it is done.
A spiral breathe,
Or a toxic kiss,
Whatever but bliss.
Just make sure that-
It’s not half made.

Mutual touches,
Through veins all the feeling passes.
Mutual pain is taking place.
Endless tears-
Are ending their waits;
Making the night-
A successful escapade.




Tiyasha Khanra




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