Love Is?

Love is the most important thing of all… everyone knows that… it is the sunshine of your life as a flower and the water too… family is next ( your earth) although not necessarily always if one’s family is dysfunctional and toxic… then is friends… friends are often promoted to first place if love goes wrong or family is dysfunctional and/or toxic… so I guess all I’m saying is friendship is the alchemist’s gold or maybe the rarest balm that cures the insane lust for the golden philosopher’s stone that drives many mad… the many driven mad all by their own brilliantly woven frequencies… driven mad by the burnished images and icons flashed into their still secretly infant souls by the white-hot blaze of neo-Pharonic technology… driven mad by the fruitless quest for a fantastic golden glory in the Michaelangeloesque wrestle for which true love and the deep pillars of blood ties are lost in a fundamentally senseless battle for the still unlearned futility of Ozimandias’s giant Monty Pythonesque guillotened feet comically supreme on his desert plinth ludicrously surveying the broken clumps of the rest of his heroic stone masterpiece body being slowly subtly consumed by the eternally playful wind-driven sands of a relentellessly yet superficially blood-spattered and howlingly unconquerable Arabia…




Roddy McDevitt
Illustration Nick Victor

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One Response to Love Is?

    1. love the illustration Nick! x

      Comment by Roddy McDevitt on 29 October, 2017 at 12:26 pm

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