Mistrusting the evidence of my own eyes when the SS Great Britain,
mighty steamship of steel, sank beneath metaphorical waves, I proclaim
that if and when the Kraken awakes I shall be home in bed, probably
alone, thinking up new forms of dippy entertainment for myself

Can you imagine what will happen when, under the magnifying
glass, I unexpectedly catch fire at the focal point of the Sun’s rays,
my otherwise hidden flame breaking on to the moribund landscape
of this sleepy city to grandstand in the limelight for a few seconds

In the meantime, let me crawl up your leg in the spirit of masculine
exploration with a battered copy of The Complete Novels of Franz Kafka
in my bag; it’ll be new territory for me — although what I call my mind
is not really on this now, I’m on automatic pilot, and sort of drifting



© Martin Stannard, 2017
Photo Nick Victor

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