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A few days ago we lost a very special friend – Man Fong Mei – a leader of his
field – who became a friend over the many years that Jadwiga, my partner, and I
attended his Acumedic Clinic in London.

I felt the need to share with you some sense of the value Professor Mei brought
into this World; because he was such a rare individual and a true beacon of
light in these dark times.

His passion was to follow through upon  a  steadfast  commitment  to  ‘the
traditional  ways  of  the Chinese scholar’ – a subject which he was  about to
give a second lecture on before he passed. You will get a feeling for the depth
of wisdom, art and culture that blossomed in the period of Chinese history to
which he was to refer by reading the text included here.
Man Fong always surprised his pupils, incorporating his flowing poetry into
Acumedic news letters and seminars- waxing lyrical about the forces of nature
and the great powers of the universe. He always wore a cheery smile and was full
of laughter – such a tonic for those around him – equal to the Chinese herbal
medicines that his gracious staff so meticulously dispense!
I’m sure you too would feel in good hands when the needles hit their mark at his
wonderful clinic in London’s Camden Town!

His teachings seem very pertinent to our present predicament. At a time when the
talk is all of ‘power, trade and military might’ the need to balance and blend
the creative forces of East and West and demonstrate holistic engagement in our
thoughts and actions – is ever more vital. For that is the real Tao.

Man Fong writes in the Foreword to my new book ‘In Defence of Life’-

“With the new synergised energy between East and West, human enlightenment is
about to make the next qualitative leap. The emergence of the axial age is upon
Our total health, involving our body, heart and mind, is the link in the cycle
of existence that holistically connects everything within this universe. I
suggest that the change should begin with each of us cultivating our moral and
spiritual self. A harmonious heart and an inspired mind in all of us will help
to create a healthy society.
Act now to ensure a brighter future for our children and the survival of our

Around one year ago, when we were together, I pressed him on the fact that he
was well positioned to speak with the Chinese leadership about the great dangers
of GMO. On our last meeting, just one month ago, he told me that he had passed
this information. Now he has gone – onwards to a place where he will be well
received and his love of life and humanity will reflect back upon his soaring

Spare a moment in your thoughts and hearts for Man Fong Mei.

Julian Rose


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Przeczytaj – “Zmieniając kurs na życie. Lokalne rozwiązania globalnych
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