I want to explain

I have just chaired a meeting


I called this for reason

as we face whatever happens next


I believe stability and strong leadership

would have been essential


I want to regain control

It’s all about me


I look to the future

will let myself continue to govern


We need me now

My confidence remains high


I will lead this country

into immediate economic danger


I want to spread our new industrial strategy

a disastrous policy for our country


I will take control of our laws

of our money     So I no longer pay


There is no turning back

attacks are in my thoughts today


I will target innocents

on a fictional mandate


I do not seek to fudge this issue

let it spiral out of control


We will continue to support military action

and prevent the spread of human rights


I don’t do solidarity, humanity and justice,

and will gossip about people over lunch


I don’t defend our common values

I am not the will of the people


I am confident I can deliver

it is ordinary working people who will pay


I will attack our democracy

starting with bigotry and hatred


But that is not the limit of my ambition

London is leaving Britain on Saturday evening


I am shutting the strong and stable door

now my horse has bolted


I am determined

I am absolutely clear in my own mind


I is what I will do

This is what strong leadership is about



Theresa May remixed by Rupert Loydell

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