(Or the Salt and Peppering
of Nasty Negatives…)


Is the pug pugnacious?
Is a dog dogmatic? 

Is the puss pusillanimous?
Does a cat spell catastrophe?

Is the gull that gullible?
Or the boar that boorish? 

Are all cows the cowards?
Are all bulls the bullish? 

Tell me why is the goat capricious?
Tell me how does the hind hinder? 

Since when were all the finned finicky?
And just who put the fish into selfish? 

Are you sure that all pigs are piggish?
Are you sure that all sheep are sheepish? 

The mousey mouse
The antsy ant
The dogged dog
The catty cat
The sluggish slug
The slothful sloth 

Had had

“I don’t even drive!” exclaimed the road hog.

“I haven’t had the chance to succeed!” sighed the turkey. 

“It is you lot who are stubborn,” noted the mule. 

“Humans need to become more neigh bourly,” observed the horse. 

“Because we’ve had our fill of your venom,” stated the snake. 

“Your nasty negatives are “lousy,”” added the louse.


Heidi Stephenson


By Heidi Stephenson

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