R4, 6.12.18


Let’s get this clear, he is saying

we supply arms to Saudi Arabia with one hand

and support the humanitarian crisis in Yemen with the other;

the female interviewer isn’t clear

as he claims ‘our position’ is being misrepresented

and none of us listening are either

(what kind of clarity is this ?

A mask for sheer hypocrisy ?

Surely not with his silver-tongued tone

Surely is—)

She persists: sometimes the military are operating

at the same time, in the room next door !

(a perfect metaphor—)

He deflects. She presses him

‘So are you really comfortable with Britain’s

relationship with Saudi Arabia ?’

‘Oh yes perfectly’, he replies

as if he really means it

as if his job doesn’t depend on it

to tow the government line like a good boy…


Does he really think he can pull the wool

over anybody’s thinking mind and eyes ?

Send him to Yemen

with the ghost of Jamal Khashoggi by his side,

to where the truth just cannot compromise.




Jay Ramsay


Dragonfly Cottage


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