Writing a history of people’s lives you go through
periods of good then maybe you go through
periods of not so good maybe then you go through
periods of actually quite bad then maybe a good
period comes around again and though the cycle
isn’t exactly fixed the way it works there is usually
a certain pattern and another thing to remember is
that as the historian of people’s lives one has
not so much let me put it this way a duty to honour
the truth as one is bound by the obligation to tell
a good story and as everyone knows thinking
is the most difficult part of the job and not only for
the historian because all writers should spend
more time thinking than writing or spend more time
writing than thinking or one of those anyway there
may be more than one correct answer just as there
is usually more than one version of people’s lives so
anyway this was written yesterday because today
the author is elsewhere and the author will also be
elsewhere tomorrow so tomorrow’s episode will be
written today too and I’m going to have to re-send
this because I have to say it to some different people
but I guess it’s not vital no indeed it’s not vital at all.

Martin Stannard
illustration Nick Victor

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