In that special time between dreaming and waking, let yourself loose in an enchanted forest, let yourself be lulled by that magical stage of sleep in which you’re kept awake in an odd way, as if some entity – something ‘other’ – has wrapped you in its ethereal mantle. You feel an abstracted heaviness, a strange sense of warmth, nourishing your brain with psychedelic, astral energy .
This entity, this presence, does not want you to sleep, she – for you feel it’s a she — wants you awake because she wants to play with your senses.
In this place of psychedelic enchantment the sun shines in a different way. It is more subdued. Subtler. It won’t burn your eyes. Its rays are filtered by the flickering leaves of trees. And as you search, peering into their confusing but serene movements, and as you listen to the wind in the branches and the fronds of the plants and the grass, there comes a moment when you realize that it’s not just the sunlight which you see, it is not just the forest which you see and hear, but there are now thin voices emerging, voices coming from fairy creatures dancing. You’re not alone.
That psychedelic state between sleeping and waking is a state where you are not alone.

Text and Illustration: Elena Caldera
English Translation: Heathcote Williams

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One Response to Fairies

    1. I know i am not alone, but tell me, do they have holidays ?
      Surely they cannot work all night every day ?

      Best thoughts from multiple ‘brains’ !

      Comment by Angus Anderson on 19 June, 2015 at 7:23 pm

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