One Day, Together


Bare branches, the buds they open softly


Spring out, bright green, shiny, in the light

Rustle in the wind in the woods at night

Sparkle in the sun for man and beast

Dapple the clearing for the morning feast


I am hidden beneath the forest canopy

Sit together beside the gnarled oak tree

Leaves now swaying in the wind & rain

Alive on this earth in cool Summer again


The birds perch on stretching arms above

I listen to their many songs of love


The days grow short, I’m feeling cold

I’ve drunk this wine, now growing old

Losing colour, rusty yellow, browned

It’s time to sleep; I fall to the ground


I hear the requiem for me and my friend

Are gathered quiet, waiting for the end


Be still; leaves, now resting on the earth


©Christopher   2023





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