Panopticon1 & 2


In one mail dated in October
you scriven,
“Autumn moon watches the Louvre.”
You even captured an image of the same.

I type, “Wow!” and turn,
shut the cell phone down
and sleep in my cell in the panopticon.

Am I watched? Am I not?
I feel the tide swells and ebbs.



Panopticon II

Rusty water quivers.
I am my reflection
upto my ankle in the ripples.

I often say, water has a memory;
say, we live in deceased city
alive in a loop of habit.

I stare at the water.
Rain has Alzheimer’s.
No origin. No future.

My wife calls her cat,
and a pigeon streams upon
her shoulder.



Kushal Poddar
Word and image

Kushal Poddar lives in Kolkata, India
 Author Facebook- 

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