PAZUZU  (neoliberal sonnet)



Protect us, Pazuzu – glaring in your wall of wings –

from number-demons who squat occluded in the air

and light about us, lunging like barracudas while we bath

or hunting in darkness as our fingers feel for a switch.

Protect us.

Butt with your antelope horn their scheming left-brains, slash

with your eagle talons the false smiles on false faces, gnaw

with your dog jaws on the marrow of their calculus, stab

with your scorpion tail the throats that belch forth lies.

They have turned harvest to dust because they go unchecked

about their business. I see you winched onto a European mall

facing a European palace. Your eye is baleful. Behold

the princes of industry and usurpers of it, oh son of Hanbi,

oh brother of Humbaba, and enter into their dreams

as you ride the sandstorm. Eat on their dreams for your meal.

Glare from your wall of wings, Pazuzu.

Deter them.


Niall McDevitt




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