Prison Dinner Party part one


Jimmy Savile’s legacy,

or, Hey! Rockstar! Leave them kids alone.

“Dozens of big name stars from the 1960s and 70s have contacted Max Clifford “frightened to death” they will become implicated in the widening Jimmy Savile child abuse scandal, the PR guru has claimed.”

The Huffington Post, 26/10/2012


Speaking personally, Jimmy Savile, DJ and Knight of the Realm,

Never pulled down his track-suit and said ‘Give me head!’

Yet he changed the image I have of every pop star in the land

And managed to achieve this despite being dead.


I only have to see a photo of a pop star and I’m wondering,

‘Did you ever perform at the BBC?

Did you have underage girls throw themselves at you, and think,

“Who cares how old they are? Relax. It’s free.”’


A bit of dope in the dressing room and it seems they were yours

All for a signed photo or two.

They’d like to boast in the playground they’d met your band

And you’d like to find out what they could do.


‘We never asked for their birth certificates’, one pop star said –

One who was caught up in the media shit-storm –

So, with no way of knowing she was thirteen, he’s in the clear

And ‘if everyone’s at it, then it’s the norm.’


‘Better close the door, babe. We don’t want anyone seeing

You licking my lolly on ‘Top of the Pops’.

You’ll do all of us, won’t you? Then I’ll make sure  you’re on telly –

Shh. Say nothing. Or someone’ll  call the cops.’


The Beatles, the Stones, the Who and Gary Glitter

Now look like child-molesters and nonces.

Once the Pink Fairies, the Pink Floyds, and the Pretty Things looked pretty,

Instead of washed-up corporate ponces –


Arc-lit geriatric ghouls striding across Nuremburg stages,

Their voices amplified by vast banks of speakers,

They turn vulnerable kids into infantilized sex-toys,

“Come on come on, baby, come on come on.”


“I don’t even dare to ask you your age

It’s enough to know you’re here backstage

You’re jailbait, and I just can’t wait

Jailbait baby come on”.



“I don’t usually say this to girls your age

But when I saw you coming out of the school that day

That day I knew, I knew

I’ve got to have you, I’ve got to have you”.



“If I played guitar I’d be Jimmy Page

The girls I like are underage”

The Beastie Boys


“Well she was just 17, and you know what I mean!”

The Beatles


“I once loved a woman, a child I’m told…

But don’t think twice, it’s all right”

Bob Dylan


“Hey little girl is your daddy home

Did he go and leave you all alone

I got a bad desire. I’m on fire”

Bruce Springsteen


“Girls of 15, sexually knowing”

The Who


“This girl is half his age…

Just like the old man in

That book by Nabokov”



She’s only fifteen

That’s the reason that I can’t sleep

You say illegal

I say legal’s never been my scene”.

Mötley Crüe


“I can see that you’re fifteen years old

No I don’t want your I.D.

You look so rest-less and you’re so far from home

But it’s no hanging matter

It’s no capital crime.”


“Oh yeah, you’re a strange stray cat

Bet your mama don’t know you scream like that

I bet your mother don’t know you can spit like that.

The Rolling Stones


I’m hanging around that same old scene

My girlfriend Betsy she’s just fourteen

There’s nothing better for me to do

I’m living on dog food

Iggy Pop


“Steal away from mummy, oh, there’s my little girl;

On the pillow of my tummy, give my hair a curl;

Run your fingers under and over make us a little blow;

And don’t forget about tomorrow, in the same place after school;

Baby, make me calm your fears; let me hold your 13 years.”

Roy Harper


“My Francine just turned thirteen,

She’s my angelic teenage queen.

And I love her, she’s all that I want.

And I need her, she’s all that I need.”

ZZ Top


“Girl, you’ll be a woman soon

Please come take my hand

Girl, you’ll be a woman soon

Soon you’ll need a man.”

Neil Diamond


“Good morning little schoolgirl”

Rod Stewart


“We could go on the hovercraft across the water.

They’ll think I’m your dad and you’re my daughter.”

Rolling Stones


“Don’t say a word my virgin child

Just let your inhibitions run wild.”

Rod Stewart


“Do you wanna touch me there? Yeah!”

Gary Glitter


“Ooooh, I need a dirty woman. Ooooh, I need a dirty girl.”

Pink Floyd.


And all the paedophile house bands arouse erotomania

As Zappa boasts a groupie who still has her baby teeth.


A Comfortably Numb “Deep Throat” Spray:

Is a Pink Floyd inspired Oral Sex Enhancer:

If Spearmint’s not your flavor of choice you can get it in Apple;

And in Chocolate; and in Peppermint and in Cinnamon.


The spray suppresses the gag reflex, which is Important

When babies and toddlers are being targeted in songs.

A gag reflex is a survival instinct which needs to survive,

Yet anything goes when “God wants sex’  –­ Pink Floyd


 Led Zeppelin – sings “The Ocean” (“she is only 3 years old /

It’s a real fine way to start”) And the Boomtown Rats praise,

 “Mary of the Fourth Form” for whom “Teacher is a natural man

as his hand  moves out to touch her.”


“Touch Me I’m Six” sings Mudhoney.


But these grisly hedonists with their fraudulent face-lifts,

Creepy litanies of lust and erectile egos,

Are now tarred by Savile’s brush, joining the priests in black dresses

Panicking and scuttling as people spit out, ‘Paedos.’


Multi-millionaire mega-celebs may skulk in tax havens

But the karma police are catching them, this way or that –

Now photographed with close-up lenses to look like monsters;

They’re rounded up and arrested in their West End flats.


Pop stars and priests become synonymous with paedophilia,

The innocent being caught up with the guilty,

Through childhood’s contamination with the cult of celebrity godheads

Each one proving that the pillars of society aren’t so pretty.


Jimmy Savile believed that raping young girls kept him young,

And he destroyed them because ‘boys will be boys’.

Gary Glitter and the rest asked little girls to be in their gang

Till they cast them aside like broken toys.



Heathcote Williams

Pic: Claire Palmer 





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