Royal Babylon

royal babylon

Heathcote Williams
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A scurrilous narrative poem detailing the history and doings of the House of Windsor, by one of Britain’s leading poets.

Heathcote Williams’ book-length poems have covered a number of important topics, most notably Whale Nation, a powerful argument for a worldwide ban on whaling. Royal Babylon lays out in verse form what Williams calls ‘the criminal record of the British Monarchy.’ It is a short but powerful book, detailing the ways in which the Queen and her family have made headlines over the years by activities and connections which, time and again, have shown poor judgment, demeaning behavior, or a lack of compassion. From animal killing to sexual scandal, profligacy to remoteness from her subjects, the accusations pile up in a 500-verse tirade which has all Williams’ hallmarks of passion, satire and irony.

By Heathcote Williams

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