i’ve heard rumours
ok, but who hasn’t?

but i hear them
in their pure state

without words; with 
a world or more.

new ones, old ones, 
not any more valuable

still brilliant though;
i’ve heard them.

they were floating
in space for years.

i’ve heard aquatic
rumours, from fish.

i’ve heard earth,
air ones, from trees

from winds, those
were the best. 

remember that mass
of clouds whispering it 

seems like it is going to 
rain — cloud rumours 

painting the sky with
a very near-far


natural phenomenon –
not the thing but the feeling

of its formation, when it is
inner-outer vibration

don’t know what to say

its own effect suggested
affecting body and mind. 

the moon made me 
love you like that

like a cat. the sea
made me laugh and cry. 

the planet is inside me too,
feelings that are out of me —

i choose to see them, to
hear them like rumours. 

then i ex………presssss
(the sound of s extends, 

i am talking as
an effervescent pill) 

a glass of water enigma;
from another solar system

i am receiving the subtle
messages from this one

they are like rumours. 
the ones in the title.

Rômulo Cyríaco
Art Claire Palmer



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