Sanitary Soul Mates



It has occurred to me that women may feel very alone during menstruation. It is very difficult to be a positive, happy human being when you are bleeding profusely out of your vagina. Ladies, we are all each other’s PMS! We are period matching sisters!

We are:
Sanitary soul mates
Aunt Flo hoes
Bleeding bush buddies
Blood clump bros

Bearded oyster bedfellows
Baby cannon broads
Cyclical sisters
Lady gardening lords

Bone hole whores
Blood brothers
Penis fly trappers
Minge mothers

Cum bucket chums
Period pals
Cramp champs
Gash gals

Clit cohorts
Cock socket sisters
Cunt colleagues
Bloody fanny fisters

Clunge comrades
Clout crusaders
Crimson chicks
Blood rag raiders

Fanny flapper girls
Twat twins
Slice siblings
Keepers of quim

Flap felons
Menstrual mates
Slit sluts
Gash greats

Leg labyrinth ladies
Ruby river rude girls
Wardens of the wizard sleeve
Penetrated pearls

Moonblood babes
Beaver biters
Meat wallet wives
Fanny fighters

Keepers of the cave of wonder
Fellow walkers in the bush down under.

Whenever the bloody reservoir starts to break through
You lot are my oil slick clean up crew.

That’s the truth and that’s the fact –
PMS, well… You can fuck that!


Nicole Paton




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    1. Amazing and totally unique

      Comment by Marcus Kieffer on 24 January, 2017 at 11:03 am

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