Reformed on the off chance

By words that heal the lost years

By nights that last forever

And days closed up in fever,

By rainbows bright in our tears

And dreams once dreamed together

Old records still remind me

Of blue lights on our journey

They spin despite the distance

Through memories of our last dance:

In birth’s celebrations,

Silently sing me.


God’s hidden road recovered

With blind men on the turnstiles

Drunk with sacred sunlight

Familiar with the strange sight

Of still receptive profiles

Tuned into the soft night

To hymns heard in the flash flood

Psalms raised from our dark blood

Cry out of truths uncovered

Laughter rediscovered:

In life’s tribulations

Silently sing me.


Unrepossessed pretenders

United down on dockside

By late night stores remembering

A small hand with a plain ring

Still deep deep in the hillside

Are huge dark strangers wakening

They are waiting for the fifth sign

They are carving out a soul mine

Arthurian defenders,

Wise Druidic transcenders:

In death’s transformation

Silently sing me.




Mike Mcnamara
Illustration Nick Victor

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