On a possible celebrity’s fall and ill conceived revelations


It seems to be happening.

Stars, such as they were, lose their purchase,

As if their place in the sky had been granted

For a temporary claim, or short lease.


As the whole ‘house of cards fall,’ we see

That they have no balanced sky structure,

And that rather than hanging,  they are simply

Sewn into place, or supported by a fabric of night,


Quickly creased. With such thin material stretched,

Folded, then warped through bad action, the edge of light

Returns darkness to the panapoly of ills they project.

Why are they all paedophiles?


Or at the very least Paedophilic? As former Light Entertainers

‘Requantumed,’ so now, do actors, who, in trying to be clear,

Misdirect. Certainly the reflection’s been smudged.

Today  a leading actor breathes thickly,


Smearing his name like air wasted on rusted steel,

Or crushed tin. But he is not the first, or the last,

The sky sent line  breaks then topples,

As the wayward horde we watched keenly


Perform close up magic and with something

Slick off the wrist, reveal sin. So much now has been lost.

Unclaimed sex can’t be counselled.

Past, sparked betrayals treacle into congealed salt.


Performance falls flat. Actors forgoe their illusion.

Rather like the stars that keep changing,

Replacing the dead with a shimmer, after the shudder

Of that now tearing fabric, leaving the wide open spaces


Through which the words and the warnings

Of the latest crime have been called.



David Erdos 31/10/17

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