Still Pondering

We do it…

A writer or, at least a poet, is always being asked by people who should know better: “Whom
do you write for?” – W.H. Auden


We do it
` For that broken child,
Eyes still brimming reflected pain,
We do it
For all the mad ones
And for those who are caged and sane,
We do it
To unravel the nightmares
And the laughter that lullabies pain,
We do it
For all the first times
Words made our pulses beat,
We do it
For desperate drunkards
Trawling for love through the streets,
We do it
For the flotsam
Washed up on the shore,
We do it
For the clumsy
And the over chatty bore,
We do it
To leave a hand print
On the dark cave wall,
We do it
Because we’re high-wire dancers
Always about to fall…


These poems and prose are a selection from all the eight collections I had published between 1982 and 2017. I haven’t included everything and I’ve re-drafted a great deal. I know the received wisdom is that once a poem is abandoned (to quote Pound) it should be left like that. I can’t agree. When I was going through all my past publications I could see faults and flaws that should never have got past a halfway decent editor. Hence the reworking of so many of them. I believe they’re all the better for it. I’m hoping you’ll agree.
ISBN: 9781788768672
Type: Paperback
Pages: 104
Published: 22 May 2019
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