Syd Barrett eating a snail.



The leaders of Isis waltzing in a coffee spoon
the illusion of the world as Greek wrestling move the
how old are you? I ask because you look so young
Every day I go to work in a gas chamber in the gas chamber
the gas chamber that is attached to a loud drilling noise
that is attached to the alright mate how are you doing?
the drilling noise is coming from my from the pink in my teeth
there is nothing pink in a coffee spoon the alright mate how are you
doing? How old are you? I am not. I can never get any peace.
There is this loud drilling noise that is coming from my teeth.

I was Barrett when an avalanche rode the road sunny as midday.
I was Barrett in a blade of light sweeping through the avalanche

At the ejection of the leopard gun Barrett stood next to Barrett
eating a snail.
It felt so good to be dead. It would feel so much better to be alive.




Charlie Baylis
Illustration Nick Victor

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