for/from Mike Ferguson

Have you been on the motorway lately?
Miles and miles and miles of reduced speed
for the building of a so-called ‘smart’ motorway

which will actually just mean digital signage
here and there, miles of turgid roadworks, and
no time to have a stretch around Birmingham.
There was a time when one could bomb
up the motorway trouble free;
I don’t believe
any roads today can cope with today’s traffic.

Hope today with weekend allows you to refresh.
As I said, apart from having to stop regularly
for lunch, 6 hours is a pretty damn fine drive.


© Rupert M Loydell
Illustration: Claire Palmer

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    1. Saw a car stuck in an ex hard-shoulder on a ‘smart’ section of motorway the other day, where the signs had failed. The motorway must have slipped into dumb mode.
      Hard shoulders should be left empty, that’s my opinion!
      But we should appreciate the past visual optimism of motorways while we can. [The Forton (now Lancaster) Tower is best of all. Or is that just me?]
      Hopefully, in 20 years they’ll all be re-purposed or overgrown and people will learn to appreciate the places they can visit by walking or cycling, taking a train or bus.

      Comment by Lawrence on 20 April, 2019 at 11:11 am

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