The Little Ballot Box










after Vasco  Popa

the little ballot box 
is being 
packed full of wishes 
the people are pushing pushing 
pushing their wishes 
through her slot 
people are pushing in slips 
of paper marked 
with dark crosses 
they are pushing in 
tiny blank maps with massive 
Xs on spots where 
nothing is buried 
silently silently silently 
the little ballot box 
bears this even though 
o it makes her frame hurt 
makes her ache ache 
ache like 
she’s filled to bursting with 
some far-off star’s 
hot fingers 
people people people 
are pushing in 
their slips of blind 
white mice 
dickory & willy- 
they are also stuffing in 
to the little ballot box 
the paper-white teeth 
of the rich 
and so and 
so and so 
all the people’s wishes 
on x-rated paper 
& slivers of clean 
white teeth slipped in 
inseminate the little ballot box 
and now inside 
the little ballot box is 
all the people’s belief 
all the people’s hopes 
all the people’s crimes 
all the people’s illnesses 
all the people’s greed 
all the people’s sorrows 
all the people’s kind 
all the people’s hunger 
all the people’s lies 
all the people’s kept 
the little ballot box is 
fattening and 
fattening and 
fattening for the teeth 
of the rich are 
fatherly and have swum 
right into her womb 
where her freedom is growing 

look closely at the little ballot box 
her sides    her lid    her slot 
hope hard hope and 
hope again 
hope what will be born 
will be alive and not 
a lolling puppet with 
crosses for eyes 


Mark Goodwin
Pic: Mike Lesser

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