The Resource-Rich Country

Professor John Nerdelbaum Frink, Jr.,
He-who-does-his-own-thing researcher,
From the resource-rich country.

Rice Vermicelli,
The green activist,
From the resource-rich country.

Madam White,
Locally-made foreign idea,
From the resource-rich country.

Mr. Nedward ‘Ned’ Flanders, Jr.,
Ninety percent of the population.
Bartholomew ‘Bart’ Jojo Simpson,
Ten percent of the population.

Herlock Sholmes,
The detective who cracks crimes,
In the resource-rich country.

Dr. Wohn Jatson,
The one who always raises questions,
Half in black & half in white,
About the solutions to the resource-rich country’s problems.

Chief Clancy Wiggum,
The Chief Inspector of the resource-rich country.

The armed border patrol officer,
Who lords over the border areas
Of the resource-rich country.
Each & every overstepping is retaliated
With a flurry of rage & firepower.

Brown Baboon,
The Grab ‘em All neighbour
Of the resource-rich country.

The expatriate in the resource-rich country.
Yes, Sir!

Johann Gambolputty de von Ausfern Schplenden Schlitter  Crasscrenbon Fried Digger Dangle Dungle Burstein von Knacker Thrasher Apple Banger Horowitz Ticolensic Grander Knotty Spelltinkle Grandlich Grumblemeyer Spelterwasser Kürstlich Himbleeisen Bahnwagen Gutenabend Bitte Eine Nürnburger Bratwustle Gerspurten mit Zweimache Luber Hundsfut Gumberaber Shönendanker Kalbsfleisch Mittler Raucher von Hautkopft of Ulm, the underclass of the resource-rich country.

Uncle Scrooge MacDuck,
The resource-rich country.


Lin Zinyaw
Translated from the Burmese by ko ko thett

Note: The characters by the late Burmese cartoonist Aung Shein in the original are rendered into their Western counterparts. The original poem is available at .

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