(an answer to Roberta Monokroussos

“Was There Poetry Before People”)


there was poetry before there was anything

choreographed in dancing sub-atomic particles as

worlds condense from accretion rings around the sun

in single-celled vowels and consonants that fuse

in multi-cellular games of divide and complexify

into fractel spins of proto-vocabularies seeking

to evolve the punctuations of grammar,

where trilobites in shallow paleozoic seas

conjecture primordial screes of poetry

as editorial dragonflies flit and shimmer

their wing-drones a found-sound improvisation

of rhyme under nights of huge luminous moons,

then, during the bardic era of great reptiles

the rapid haiku-raptor outwits the

lumbering doggerel-osaurus dragging

their couplets behind them, in early scans,

before the asteroid extinction slam revises

Triassic pages with new stylistic eco-waves,

simple sonnets sparkle across global ice-sheets

reflecting altered constellations in motion

shattering in the iambic meltwater of change,

the epic tarsier and lemur oral myth-traditions

still bark and twitter amid Miocene echoes,

I hear them now, within the earth beneath my feet

there was poetry before there was anything,

opposable digits descend from the trees

to stumble high in an amazement of living,

and simply embrace the sounds of eternity

howling their wordless voice into

shockwaves around the world…



Andrew Darlington


Illustration: Claire Palmer




By Andrew Darlington

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    1. Brilliant!

      Comment by Jill on 12 November, 2019 at 4:26 pm

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