Tweets from Bin Laden’s Bunker

#binladeno@torabora Sept 2001


Tonight I must drop off the humming technosphere

quitting the superhighway for a cave of invisibility and silence


abandoning cellphones text messages social networks internet banking

and all the global interfaces that could positionally define me


from now on I will communicate with the world only on scraps of scribbled paper

stuffed into the pockets of a barefoot traveling courier



#binladeno@koranvamonjan Nov 2005


in the Afghan night a satellite jinks its way across the stratosphere

eye in the sky tracking over a terrain of utter blackness


scanning for me with digital high resolution thermal imaging

amalgamating data from a million flickering routers


I close my eyes and count as the skyplane flashes over

knowing that one blink would be enough to geotag me



#binladeno@naraykelay April 2007


at dawn over the mountains I glimpse the blue ionosphere

as a stream of incandescent plasma flares from the sun’s corona


buffeting the earth with a wave of supercharged ionized particles

jamming the global satellite network with a total cosmic blackout


today I can walk outside and feel the solar wind

prickle my skin with a charge of 93 million miles



#binladeno@abbottabad May 2011


images of me still circulate on the glowing exosphere

videos relaying endlessly the same desperate message


drowned out by the irresistible tsunami of white noise

flooding our brains from the supersaturated atmosphere


some night when I least expect will the world respond to my call

drop down from the sky and deliver me a hole right through the head




David Amery

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One Response to Tweets from Bin Laden’s Bunker

    1. Nice one. Poetry of the damned. Must be more of them. Here’s one by Adolf Hitler.

      The Little Cloud.

      Hurry, hurry little cloud
      Across the deep blue sky
      In which at night the clouds are hung.
      Pig-Dog Englanders
      ACHTUNG !

      Comment by Dave Tomlin on 16 April, 2012 at 1:37 pm

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