Underneath The Stink


Roll up ! Roll up !
Sycophants, soul suckers and dollar kings
With your reptilian fingers of greed ,
Peddling scams and pocket dreams
On urine tarred walls and blood soaked streets
Flashing flesh and cheap PVC
Fake bake and cherry noir
Pop the night with snatch and grab deals
Ferret eyes feeding you lies
Sober suit and smart silk tie
Can legitimise the sickening
Grin of a paedophile
A smacked wrist no prison time
Free to snuff -puff more cherubs on -line
And stand up guys with nothing to hide
Burn in the slammer for municipal fines
Racism festers like a canker sore
The worm of prejudice
Slicing the poor
Ask the Angola Three
What American Justice means
Money talks makes everything clean
Buys backdoor judges
And the American dream
Neo Nazis with mega watt smiles
Peach fuzz hair and pus green bile
Spew the streets with stupidity
Cashing in on fear and tyranny
Roosevelt McCarthy
Hysterical crusades
pimping profits from ham strung
slaves ,wheeling away
on minimum wage
Wrestlemania patriots run centre stage
tight squeezed beliefs
trapped in bikini briefs
And mainstreet bailouts for VIPS
fat banker cats and
corporate tax trash
Crash ! And burn !
Earn ! Earn ! Earn!
Crumb and crust promises turn to dust
Red or blue ?
Who will you choose?
Digi footprints cyber walls
Encrypted apples and
Feds on call
Shop for a life, a break, a deal
Be ready to borrow , to beg , to steal
Because the land of the free, the great the damned
Is ready to play her final hand.



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2 Responses to Underneath The Stink

    1. Searing work. Rips from the page and lives.

      Comment by Derek F. on 3 March, 2016 at 9:37 pm
    2. Wow, fantastic work!

      Comment by ClaudeHopper69 on 4 March, 2016 at 3:30 am

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