Undisclosed Moment

Andromeda Galaxy (2003)


And another thing

We look around startled

Like we just got here.

There is no definite edge;

We are in some cinema of the soul,

Or in a cinema of memory.

Layers of time.

Identity disguised.

Capture the moment

Your moment, our moment,

Any moment.

Once again

Fragments of painted angels

Float by on the solar wind

Fizzing with all tender variety,

Alive and kicking someplace else

Things nest in corners

Other echoes echo

A cosmic mirage,

A ring of fire

Sparkling solar string lights

Flicker of running film

Scratchy indistinct images

Two narrators describe the scene

A sidelong look, a glance

Is just enough

Where’s that pause button?


Nocturnal machines float across

A sky of molten metal

Demons of awareness

Surgical procedures change us

Into weird poetic characters

Way beyond naturalism

Way beyond the ruined underpass.

Outside it was raining.

Undisclosed  moment.

Bad night?

Go figure.








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