Veganism: Saving the Earth, one mouthful at a time


“Animals are my friends and I don’t eat my friends.” – George Bernard Shaw

 “The time will come when men will upon the murder of animals,
as they now look upon the murder of men.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

 “I have given you every plant yielding seed…and every tree with seed in its fruit…
You shall have them for food.” (Genesis 1:29)


·       Veganism reduces food-related greenhouse gases by up to 73 per cent per person.

·       Animal ‘agriculture’ is the biggest driver of deforestation, desertification, wildlife loss, air pollution and water use.

·       A third of Earth’s cereal crop is fed to enslaved, fellow beings, so that some weaned humans can eat flesh, the egg sacks of bird embryos and the breast milk of babies.

·       Because of overfishing more than half of Earth’s marine species now face extinction.

·       700 million humans go hungry each year. Eating crops would feed another 4 billion.

·       A third of all food is thrown away.

·       We have been complicit in mass murder… and off-the-scale animal suffering.

·       Eating animal ‘products’ is linked to many health problems, from diabetes to cancer.

·       It is in our power to all change this.


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In the urgent cause of putting the “kind” back into “humankind,” please see also:


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By Heidi Stephenson

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