Dreaming, I heard you shuffle beside me
Just 6 pm and after dark, ‘will you stay?’
‘Hello, my love’, ‘make yourself a cup of tea’
‘Be here while I sleep’; I slip quietly away
Memories: Musee l’Hospice Comtesse, 1237, I was free,
Rijksmuseum, Rembrandt in Amsterdam; a pleasure to be 

Statues; two golden camels, two wood ducks, a Labrador
Photos on the walls; myself, friends, lovers and loves
Coloured beach stones in a transparent jar by the door
CD’s, Vinyl, Encyclopaedia Britannica, heavy on the shelves
Who was I then? ‘No War For Oil’, ‘Give Peace A Chance’
‘Disturbing signs of haves & have-nots’, the chimp’s dance 

Rubber ducks tell me a tale from the bathroom rack
My mirror; look, those sparkling eyes, but craggy faced
That poster from Montmartre, come back, come back
Picture. A smile from 1893, ‘The Gaiety Girl’, corset laced
I am almost silent, eyes closed, shallow breath in bed
You are here with me, now sharing what’s not said

©Christopher 2021

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