Waiting for the Migrants


(inspired by C.P Cavafy’s ‘Waiting for the Barbarians’)


Why are people still living on the street in European cities?

Because migrants are coming, the people and politicians are fearful.

Why are people in Europe angry and anxious about incomers?

Because migrants are coming to take over our nations, and our society.

Why are so many people voting to leave Europe when solidarity and security

are critical for our future?

Because migrants are coming and we have no room.

Why are health services breaking down at local and national level?

Because migrants are coming to take our jobs

and to make us ill.

What happened in Europe before the migrants came?

It was much the same and they are always coming.

What happens if migrants don’t come?

We still can’t feed, educate and keep our people healthy because migrants might come.

The people and politicians are fearful!




Rona Fitzgerald

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