Sara Rahbar-War Series-all is hidden within me, and i open my mouth, but not a word- 2010 -44x61 inches- textiles
all is hidden within me, and i open my mouth, but not a word

Sara Rahbar-War Series-An Armful of freedom, A fistful of lies-2011- 84x58 inches-mixed media
An armful of freedom, a fistful of lies


Sara Rahbar-War Series-comfortably numb- 2011-38x24 inches-mixed media
Comfortably Numb


Sara Rahbar-War Series-Contentment is happiness-2012- Mixed Media-64x50 Inches-Contentment is happiness



Sara Rahbar-War Series-echos of muffled gunshots-2012-52x17 inches-mixed media
echos of muffled gunshots


Sara Rahbar-War Series-Everything around me has turned to ash-mixed media-45x23 Inches-2012
Everything around me has turned to ash


Sara Rahbar-War Series-Freedom finally arrived, but it arrived in chains- 2010-76x39 inches-mixed media

 Freedom finally arrived, but it arrived in chains


Sara Rahbar-War Series-From a distance you glistened and shown-war series-mixed media-24x15 3-8 inches-2013
From a distance you glistened and shone 


Sara Rahbar-War Series-God Bless america land that i love -2010- 39x22 inches
God bless America land that I love


Sara Rahbar-War Series-Har jaye keh mikhan maro mibaran ( they take us where ever they want us to go)- 41x28 inches-2010-mixed media
Har jaye keh mikhan maro mibaran
(they take us where ever they want us to go)


Sara Rahbar-War Series-I love you so much it breaks my heart- 42x28 inches -2010 -mixed media
I love you so much it breaks my heart


Sara Rahbar-War Series-I want to shelter you-29x18 inches- mixed media- 2013I want to shelter you


Sara Rahbar-War Series-Irreversible violence-2012-mixed media-41x52 Inches
Irreversible Violence

Sara Rahbar-War Series-leyli jan (dear leyli)-54x28 inches-2010-mixed media
leyli jan – dear leyli


love left as easily as it came, darkness fell
and there was no one left to blame

Sara Rahbar-War Series-Over come me sweet oblivion, I am ashamed, Humbled and unstable- 2011- 90x22 inches-mixed mediaOvercome me sweet oblivion, i am ashamed,
Humbled and unstable


Sara Rahbar-War Series-Restless Violence-2011 24x15 1-2 inches
Restless Violence

Sara Rahbar-War Series-Solace-mixed media-25x15 3-8 inches-2013



Sara Rahbar-War Series-Take me home- mixed media-35 ½ x 64 ½ inches- 2013

 Take me home


Sara Rahbar-War Series-The scar of your kiss-2011-70x41.5 inches-mixed media
The scar of your kiss

Sara Rahbar-War Series-Those silent and snowy days, I watched it all melt and melt away-76x64 inches- 2010-mixed mediaThose silent and snowy days, i watched it all melt
and melt away


Sara Rahbar-War Series-We fit together like fingers making a fist- mixed media- 24x151-2x3 inches-2013
We fit together like fingers making a fist


Sara Rahbar-War Series-You take my breath away-2012-Mixed Media-86x86 Inches
You take my breath away




Sara Rahbar



– Swarming (solo) Carbon 12 in Dubai

A HISTORY (art architecture design, from the 80s to now) 
Musee national d art moderne centre Pompidou, Paris 
July 2, 2014 – March 2016 


-War Imagery in Women’s Textiles:
An International Study of Weaving, Knitting … 

By Deborah A. Deacon, Paula E. Calvin 

-Confronting the Clash: The Suppressed Voices of Iran by Sinan Ziza and Sepa Sama 
is a collection of essays, interviews, articles, poems, photographs, and art works, compiled between 2012-2013, focused on the subject of Iran. The book functions as a cross-section through the geopolitical, cultural, historic, artistic, and intellectual forces operating within Iran, within the Iranian public, and within the global Iranian diaspora today: www.amazon.com/Confronting-Clash-Suppressed-Voices-Iran/dp/1478107510 

The first book to examine the practice of Sara Rahbar 
Essay by Catherine Grenier, adjunct director of Centre Pompidou, 
and an interview with Elaine W. Ng Editor and Publisher of Art Asia Pacific magazine 

Featuring two new series, War & Confessions of a Sinner 
Interview with Gallerist Kourosh Nouri & Artist Sara Rahbar 
– See more at: http://www.sararahbar.com













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