When they have gone

there will be a hole where the Earth yawns

its tired-of-lies yawn

and land with little water

will have less.

                        There will be files kept

with agreements signed

to launch the enterprise but none of the off-the-record

conversations and strategic musings

heard only by the privileged

before their plans were expedited on a night

so dark it was impossible

to read fine print.

                                 When they have gone

old men will show young men

where land once belonged to itself.

There will be memories

with no-one to remember them,

empty houses with the faucets gasping,

profits flowing away and loss

                                                          the loss of familiar

terrain with history in its every tree and rock face

and there will be international cooperation

in money changing.

                                      When they

have gone they won’t return

to see what they had done.

Dry will be drier. They won’t be here,

                                                                         they will

be mining words from someone else’s language,

from deeper than groundwater

and they shall call

darkness light.





David Chorlton







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