Zappa & Beefheart radio show

Recorded from an FM radio broadcast in 1975

02-Orange Claw Hammer[02:53]
03-Debra Kadabra[07:13]
04-Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy[11:00]
05-Will You Drink My Water[16:50]
06-Pachuco Cadaver[17:55]
07-I Was A Teenage Maltshop[22:15]
08-Status Back Baby[23:42]
09-Ned The Mumbler[24:59]
10-Toads Of The Short Forest[27:32]
12-Speedfreak boogie[31:54]
13-Metal Man Has Hornet Wings[37:26]
15-Louisiana Blues[43:30]
17-How Could I Be Such A Fool (Studio Rehearsal)[46:31]
18-Boogie For Berkley[50:06]
19-Neon Meat Dream Of An Octafish[50:57]
20-Muffin Man[53:27]
21-200 Years Old[59:29]

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