autumn anarchy forever finally

autumn anarchy forever finally

Shocking Convulsing   Redundantly
folding the concept of
Hierarchy   Tossing it leisurely
Grasping for splitting   The sense of

intent    A cleft in the jester at rest
with convention   To hell with
ascension     Obstinately splattering
Mimicking modesty   Galloping 

passing as basically fabled
with    Irony rallying like Anarchy or
winter    In Ireland the Hills of
Montana   Seem desperately 

grave   Singing of effort resistance
and flow    Shifting on angles An
orchestra of    Language and Angels
like Rebels parading as    Clever the 

glint of a grand mold of
fluff    Escalating Dividing
at heavenly

José Hernández Díaz

Picture: A Ghost Rider
Sculpture by Edwin Westergren
Photo by Magpie Jane

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